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Alessandro Ragazzo was born in Mestre (VE) on January 22, 1980, he began his first experiments on tape in 1994. After years of digital approach and reading in the field of concrete music and collaborations, he finds strong analogies of spirit and sensation with Romantic literature (Novalis, Büchner) and experimentation sound; he carries out in-depth studies on Arthur Schopenhauer struck by the book the world as Will and Representation, applying the study to his next sound interventions.

Abandoning the method digital embraces the analogue, moving to an approach more linked to the use of tape reproduction, crumbling and disrupting the landscape in question. The raw materials of the live set by Alessandro Boy are mixers, distortions and everything that can be connected analogically, tape recorders, walkman, mp3 players, microphones, plants, extinct moments .... particularly interested in practice of Fieldrecording, continuously recording daily life and its noises, those that the nature vastly offers.


In 2014 his first album 'Strati' was released. In 2015 the digital album on the site, Lagoon submerged for the Portuguese label Green Field Recordings. In 2017 at the Setola di Maiale comes out with the album 'terra d'umbra' the final result of a speech that Alessandro Boy gave pending in the previous album “Strati” the non-place in the noise starts from the end of the album with a homage to the romantic anti-hero character in Georg Buchner's short and unfinished novel, 'Lenz'. In the first months of 2020, a conceptual-field recording only work was released for the Portuguese company SONOSPACE on the city of Naples.

Also in 2020 with a two-track tape titled Twin Landscape. Abu-l-Hasan al Nuri primitive saint Sufi writes: 'they possess nothing and are possessed by nothing' and the basis of the new and first album (2020) for the new DISSIPATIO label, entitled “Five studies on the landscape”, as an idea of emptying the soundscape in its concept and also in its practice, a laboratory of environmental recordings and sampling.

Alessandro Ragazzo works for the cancellation of meaning narrative, the deposition of the real and the logical; attempt to exclude from representation, to strip life and will through noise; five missing landscapes, fragments of experiences that have already passed to be continuously broken down and reassembled in the immediate vanished or hoped for.

Alessandro Ragazzi has collaborated on the national territory with many interventions as in the case of Luciano Berio foundation in Florence, and the Setup Art Fair in Bologna with the Area of Bustle project. Intervention sound in 2014 for the “STRATI” project at the Luciano Berio foundation in Florence.

Soundproofing in 2016 and live at the Taiwan Biennale pavilion in Venice for the artist Yang Maolin, and the Ascolto Osceno project for Navi (2018) at Palazzo Roncalli in Vigevano for the meeting on the soundscape for FKL; (2019) Al MACRO contemporary art museum in Rome brings live 'tapes only'. In July 2020 he enters residence for two weeks for Artarcadia of Derry, (Northern Ireland). In 2021 a cycle of interventions opens sound on personal naturalistic spaces with the name of 'Sound project for missed places' .

CORPORE ABSENS is like a snail slime, a residue, an inorganic passage,
a fragment without will, an excrement.

Releases December 2021

Fieldrecording, tape recorder, analogue recorders,
filters and missing moments...

Mastered by: Anacleto Vitolo
Released in a Limited Edition of 100 Digipack CDs.



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