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Eve Adams ~ Butterflies


Eve Adams ~ Butterflies

Eve Adams offers solace within life's shadows. Un-numbing senses with anthems of surrender and tender-hearted tales that tingle with Californian folk-noir, her album Metal Bird takes flight with the turbulence and romance of Hollywood’s golden age, and meditates  on the mysteries of love, death, insecurity and loneliness. Viewing life at the helm of her own cockpit, Eve Adams magnifies missing links and fills the blanks with sleuth-like stealth and femme fatale charm.

Smouldering with suspense and seduction Metal Bird’s airborne imagery, jazzy flecks of 1930s torch songs, and 1940s film noir map a coming-of-age voyage to hell and back. For me, the airplane is symbolic of something very close to death,” she says. Since I was young, I’d always write a Will every time I boarded a plane, or call my family to sayI love you!”, just like most people do. What a great metaphor that is for us all; in order to travel to a new place, you have to travel lightly, and you have to surrender to fate.”

Taken from her album 'Metal Bird' that's out early Feb on Basin Rock 


Recorded with saxophonist and producer Bryce Cloghesy (aka avant-pop soundscaper Military Genius, and of art-punk collective, Crack Cloud), Metal Bird combines airy folk with haunting soundscapes. The album takes listeners on an auditory voyage from sonorous lullabies, to dreamy ambience, skeletal jazz, sparse orchestral arrangements and high fidelity vocals that are unafraid to be heard loud and clear.

As a student of film and photography, Eve’s own voyeuristic portraits enhance Metal Bird’s dramatic greyscale (she designed the artwork, directs the videos); initially exploring the concept of Tragedy, they add a creepy, slinky melancholy like peering through the window of a bleak domestic scene. That’s the beauty of art and music; you can create a new world that exists in this blur between fact and fiction,” she says.

Lost in a daydream, somewhere between memory and fantasy, of the new video for 'Butterflies' she shot in a park in the hills above Malibiu, Adams reveals:

"For as long as I can remember I have been coming to this place where I filmed Butterflies. It has seen me in all of my stages of life, and I have seen it. From a luscious green sanctuary to a black and burnt wasteland, it is a place that begs me to return every chance that I get. When I'm there it's as if I'm a detective trying to close a case and finally understand what the story is behind this place. This video is just one of many daydreams I've had while walking through these woods."

'Metal Bird' album released 📌 4th February 2022 on Basin Rock



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