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22 Oceans ~ Home

  From CANADA 

  22 Oceans ~ Home

British indie pop artist 22 Oceans presents their new single 'Home', a beautiful slice of Americana-tinged minimalist electronica previewing their new 5-track 'Home' EP, released via 72rpm Records and mastered by renowned producer Marc Joy (Primal Scream, Mike Peters, Oasis, Bernard Butler, Golden Fable, Louise Trehy) at Ferndale Studios in Wales.

Since emerging on the indie music scene in 2020, 22 Oceans has been presenting a steady string of new music. While influenced by 80’s influenced synthpop, their new single brings this artist into new territory while retaining their trademark ethereal vocals.

Based in Merseyside, this project is the brainchild of Mike Guy.While originally a solo project, 22 Oceans has blossomed into a fruitful trio, graced by the vocal and songwriting talents of twin sisters Carys and Keeley Hughes, whose stellar tandem of vocal harmonies complement a backdrop of lush, layered sounds.

'Home' follows up the singles 'Drifting' and 'Broken' feat. Jo Madden, both of which were released in 2021. The early 2020  'Butterfly Candy' EP saw Mike Guy collaborate with Wales-based dreampop artist Lights That Change, while the subsequent 'Paradise' EP featured Liverpool vocalist Rachael Dunn and also involved Orchestral Manoeuvres In the Dark (OMD) co-founder and drummer Malcolm Holmes.

"The song 'Home' was inspired by ideas about returning to the comfort of your home, which doesn’t necessarily have to be a place, but rather the people who have made a large impact on your life," says Mike Guy.

"The song is rooted in the feeling of happiness you feel when thinking about the memories you’ve made with people you enjoy spending time with. It is a reflection of how we are always connected to those we love, no matter how much time may have passed."

As of February 22, 'Home' will be available across online stores and streaming platforms, including Apple Music and Spotify. 'Home' will be offered as part of a 
full 5-track EP exclusively via Bandcamp.

"A personal, introspective song with gracious vocals, grounded in sparse music terrain - most inviting and endearing" ~ Amplify Music Magazine

"Wonderful slice of ambient atmospherics... calming and elegiac" ~ With Just a Hint of Mayhem

"Highly melodic... charismatic vocals and sweet vocal harmonies" ~ Loud Sounds 8

"Captivating track... Home floats on dreampop clouds, whilst drifting towards ambient-pop. Through the pensive lyrics, and sparse soundscape, Home takes you to a reverie retreat, a place of reflection, that uplifts and lingers with a haunting beauty" ~ The Manc Review


22 Oceans


72rpm Records

22 February 2022

Written and Performed by Mike Guy, Carys Hughes, Keeley Hughes
Carys Hughes – Vocals, Keyboards
Keeley Hughes – Vocals, Guitar
Mike Guy – Keyboards, Programming
Produced by 22 Oceans
Recorded at Long Spinney Studio
Mastered by Marc Joy at Ferndale Studios
© Photos Steve Theis

1. Home
2. Drifting
3. Rebroken
4. Home (Lights That Change Mix)
5. Home (West Coast Music Club Mix)

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