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Flo Gallop ~ sorry for you, mate


Flo Gallop  ~ sorry for you, mate

You already know Flo Gallop. You’ve already heard her voice, it’s a pitch-perfect, beautiful, arm-around-the-shoulders version of the one in your head. Flo is the voice we all need, She’s the beat behind our breakdowns and the word-perfect poetry of our bounce-back pick-ups.

South-east London born and bred, Flo was raised around music, her dad made songwriting feel like breathing. Without it she would choke. So, she sat, scribbling words, diarising an everyday life through the musicality and soul of a natural artist that would eventually emerge, fully formed, as a friend in your ears.

Her latest single “sorry for you, mate” rings true to the songwriter’s honest and playful storytelling lyricism. Written from the heart, the single speaks of the demise of a relationship and focuses on celebrating the loss of a negative person in your life, rather than mourning it. Flo shares, I hope the music inspires people to dance and be happy when they’re listening to it. If something is not quite right in their lives or as good as it could be, maybe something as simple as one of my lyrics might inspire them to change it. That would be amazing!”

Shining with an effervescence, the track is reminiscent of “Señorita” by Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes, with a snappy rhythm section that brings to mind the likes of “Uptown Girl” by Billy Joel. Glowing with positivity, Flo makes the best out of a bad situation, always trying to find the silver lining. Bursting with exuberance and an IDGAF attitude “Sorry for you, mate” is the perfect anthem to wash all worries away. 

Having garnered acclaim from notable publications including Wonderland Magazine, 1883 Magazine, Rolling Stone India and Ones to Watch to name a few, as well as heavy support from the BBC and with almost a quarter of a million streams under her belt, 2022 is set to be a promising year for Flo Gallop.



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