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Silent Cure ~ Silent Love Song

  From CANADA 

Silent Cure ~ Silent Love Song

Danish electronic artist Silent Cure has announced his debut album 'An Electronic Jazz Punk Passage Through Dreams', which involves vocalists from various distant shores - Spain, Italy and Canada. This long-player was mixed and mastered by Alberto Pretto at Blackhead Studios Berlin and Multi-Platinum producer-mixer Yoad Nevo (Pet Shop Boys, Sia, Ed Sheridan, Moby, Bryan Adams, Sugababes, Goldfrapp).

The lead track 'Silent Love Song' features Barcelona-based artist M-Ana, who contributes vocals and lyrics for this song. With a palette mainly instrumental in nature, this album also features several other vocalists. including Vancouver songstress Elisa King, who co-wrote and sings in tandem with Silent Cure on 'So Annoyed', and Italian vocalist Serena Masciarelli on 'Settimana A Diano Marina'.

As a music producer and digital collage artist, this project entails the realization of a lover of art in all shapes, colours and sounds. This 12-track offering combines electronic music with elements from pop, rock and jazz music with notable inspirations drawn from such artists as Massive Attack, Moby, Vitalic, Ladytron, Jean-Michel Jarre and The Orb.

New only in name, Silent Cure is a veteran electronic music producer with over three decades of music-making informed by a broader grasp of and special love for multiple genres and artists with a penchant for blurring the borders between them. The result in an album that, while diverse in scope, is still widely accessible.

"I felt it was time to move out of my comfort zone being a part of the electronic underground scene for many years and challenge myself with something new. I listen to all kinds of music at home so the inspiration comes from many places over many years," says 
Silent Cure.

Hailing from Copenhagen, Silent Cure thrives in the realm of tasteful sound designs with attention to small details, these sonic tapestries inviting the listener on a journey into and through various moods.

Ambient downtempo tracks like
 'Silent Love Song' and 'So Annoyed' show the artist's softer side, juxtaposed by upbeat electroclash / retrowave-inspired tracks such as 'Synthwave Retrospect', 'Gratitude' and 'Symphony Octobre'. In contrast, the melancholic yet endearing 'So Annoyed' is about a couple that have clearly spent too much time together under lockdown conditions.

The album 'An Electronic Jazz Punk Passage Through Dreams' will be released on February 11 across digital platforms, and can be ordered directly from the artist via Bandcamp. A limited edition vinyl release is anticipated at some point in future.

On February
📌24, 2022 at 6pm EST, music lovers can also tune in for the 'Silent Cure - Around The Album' Live Stream to embark on a journey into an expansive sonic universe, coupled with some words by the artist about these tracks and how this project unfolded.

Silent Cure
An Electronic Jazz Punk Passage Through Dreams
Monograph Records / Symphonic
11 February 2022

Mixed and Mastered by Yoad Nevo (Pet Shop Boys, Sia, Ed Sheridan, Moby, Goldfrapp) at Blackhead Studios Berlin
Label: Monograph Records.
Distribution: Symphonic
Vocals on 'Silent Love Song' by M-Ana (Barcelona)
Vocals on 'So Annoyed' by Elisa King (Canada) and Silent Cure (Denmark)
Vocals on 'Settimana A Diano Marina' by Serena Masciarelli (Denmark & Italy)
Artist photos by Alexandra Emborg
Mixing & Mastering Blackhead Studios Berlin: Alberto Pretto.
 Except “Settimana A Diano Marina” Mix & Master by Yoad Nevo (Pet Shop Boys, Sia, Ed Sheridan, Moby, Goldfrapp)


1. Silent Love Song
2. Symphony Octobre
3. In Circles To Nowhere
4. Settimana A Diano Marina
5. Gratitude
6. So Annoyed
7. Synthwave Retrospect
8. Streetlight Tales
9. Neon Tears
10. When Souls Are Leaving
11. Cyber-Punks Not Dead
12. Falling Asleep

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