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Black Sands • Deserve


Black Sands • Deserve

A modern music collaboration — Black Sands is the recording project of American producer Andrew Balfour. Collaborating with unique international vocalists on each record, he produces a synthesis of alt-pop, modern rock and experimental R&B reminiscent of The Weeknd and The 1975. 

Following the release of his debut EP Afterglow, which was inspired by the loss of his sister and the process of stepping forward through grief, Balfour wanted to be intentional with the new songs he was writing. Originally inspired by the dark, confusing emotions of grief, Afterglow was about stepping forward into the light. He continues, These new songs I’m releasing this year are all built around the concept of “Lightwaves” which is about embracing the dark and the light. Finding harmony and balance with the good and bad that life brings.” 

His latest single “Deserve” brings a new collaborator into the mix - Isadora, a rising R&B artist based in Australia. Her Ariana Grande-esque vocals help bring a new element into the Black Sands sound. Taking inspiration from the tides of the sea, the song emulates the ebb and flow of the waves, reflecting the push and pull of something that feels organic, rhythmic and hypnotizing at the same time. “Deserve” symbolizes the concept and feeling of “Lightwaves”. Balfour shares, There’s something beautiful yet dark about it. Deserve hits on the theme of loyalty and gratitude. Staying loyal and true to friends and relationships even when people are at their worst to help them persevere. The song comes from the perspective of being grateful for the people who stay by your side through thick and thin.”

Isadora’s vocals embellish the song with more power, dynamicity and emotional drive. Layered atop colorful synths, a throbbing bass line and oscillating percussion, the song comes alive, radiating the natural rhythms of the waves crashing against the sea shore and the airiness of being next to the water. He explains, I like to take inspiration from all around me including nature, cities, architecture and design.” 

Black Sands has been featured in prestigious publications including EARMILK, Rolling Stone, Variance, Atwood Magazine and Wonderland, to name a few. Working with collaborators across the globe including LUXXURY, OIJ, Trenton, Martino, Joe Sheriff - Black Sands continues to bring his unique brand of pop to the world.



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