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Jak Lizard (Feat. Fatherdude & Julia Zivic) • Ride Home


Jak Lizard (Feat. Fatherdude & Julia Zivic) • Ride Home

The soulful serenades of New York City based singer/songwriter Jak Lizard is the positivity everyone needs infused in their lives. Born and raised in Long Island to a guitar-playing father and a former street-performing mother, as well as three older musician brothers; he had creativity and encouragement in abundance.

Growing up listening to the likes of Stevie Wonder and Sly and the Family Stone, Jak found himself connecting most to R&B/soul artists, but he was also captivated by the controversial stylings of Bob Dylan — to the point of learning both guitar and harmonica, and jokingly admitting, I was definitely just trying to be Bob Dylan for a little bit.” The singer's love for Bob Dylan initially inspired him to write politically-charged songs, however Jak quickly realised that his own music felt more authentic when he put a positive spin on negative situations, expressing, "I wanted to make music that reflected the aspirations of feeling more positive about life."

His new single "Ride Home" was created as an ode to home, wherever or whatever that may be for others. Written alongside Sean Smith, Julia Zivic and Fatherdude (the latter two being the featured artists on the song), it was a moment of true collaboration. Curating harmony-driven sounds and sunny melodies, Jak explains, ""Ride Home is a song dedicated to the sense of belonging that we can attach ourselves to in the darkest of times. The refrain says "keep the light on, I'm coming right home" as if to say that even in my weakest hour, there's a sense of home in my heart that I hold onto. It keeps me grounded and lets me know there's love as long as I believe in myself. A dedication to the physical and spiritual entities that make us all feel like we have made it home, safe and sound. Whether it's a front porch light being  on, or a friend from far away reaching out, we all get home in different ways, and all of them are worth celebrating." 

His positive and optimistic approach to life is the focal point of his music, beaming vividly throughout the uplifting instrumentation and his vivacious vocals. Injected with an amalgamation of genres that have shaped him as an artist and set among a kaleidoscope of chirpy keys and buoyant beats, you can pinpoint inflections of some of his favorite artists, though presented in a way that is exclusively him.

His refreshingly bright outlook on life isn’t just a story he wants to project, but the mantra he lives by, with him revealing Every song I’ve ever written has happened within an environment of joy and love. Those are definitely the prerequisites.”

The New York City artist has gained an army of supporters through his previous releases, amassing close to five million streams on Spotify, as well as a quarter of a million views on YouTube. His music has held the place of the top English-language song on Osaka's Hot 100 and found a home atop some of Spotify's brightest playlists like "Ready for the Day", "Mellow Morning" and "Nu Funk." Jak has garnered acclaim from the likes of Earmilk, Lyrical Lemonade and Elevator Magazine to name a few, as well as having sold out prestigious venues including Elsewhere Rooftop, The Troubadour and Garcia's at the Capitol Theater.



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