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Nicky Youre, david hugo • Never Go Wrong


Nicky Youre, david hugo • Never Go Wrong
About Nicky Youre 

Harnessing the infectious energy of sticky melodies and relatable lyrics, 22 year old Nicky Youre, is putting smiles on fans' faces one song at a time. The Indie pop, southern california native, is creating a body of work that is sure to be a staple on peoples playlists, as its inherent feel good vibes uplift fans and stick with them throughout their day.

Taking inspiration from Dominic Fike, Tai Verdes, Jeremy Zucker, Alexander 23, blackbear and more, Youre’s tracks start with the most powerful aspect of his music, the undoubtedly catchy melodies. “My best songs come from humming melodies that pop into my head out of the blue, often without a beat. I try to fill the melody with words and visualize the energy or the type of beat that would go well with it. From there I work with a producer to help bring the vision to life and the rest just comes together naturally.” 

Nicky Youre’s disarming authenticity and genuine excitement has already connected with fans across the country. Creating his own micro-trend, the traction has garnered millions of views and streams on his latest single, Sunroof, catapulting its way to being a top 10 used song on the platform. The young up-and-coming star has made quite the splash, and is looking to leave his mark as he gears up to release more songs in 2022.



 The new single  Nicky Youre & David Hugo



About David Hugo

David Hugo is a 21 year old pop wunderkind signed to Wide Eyed Entertainment and Pulse Recordings. He has grown his entire following organically on Tik Tok and IG where he’s amassed over 900k followers and 25m+ likes and is building his Spotify presence with recent singles like Dangerous (3M streams) and We Made It.
He’s currently writing for his new EP with collaborators including Grant Sayler, Jesse Saint John, Brett Mclaughlin, Jordan Palmer, Gian Stone, Noel Zancanella, Jake Torrey, Mac & Phil, Cole MGN, Grant Averill, Brandon Colbein, Mags Duval, Dallas K, etc. In addition, he is also actively writing for other artists’ projects including Benicio Bryant, Slush Puppy. Bryce Xavier, Charlotte Sands, Ori Rose, Gavn!, Chri$tian Gate$, and Tory Ruperto.

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