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THIRSTY EYES • A Certain Regard


 THIRSTY EYES • A Certain Regard

Deliberately aberrant, rough, and unpolished, THIRSTY EYES have come to be recognised as major pillars in the falling masonry of Vienna’s modern raunch, damning contemporary prepossessions for the self-important, humourless, and boring. After five years of fine-tuning, the Austrian rawk-n-rollers bestow their debut album A Certain Regard

The Thirsty Eyes message addresses the growing materialistic culture of modern society, where people are increasingly driven by the external, the flashy and superficial. With a particular focus on the indoctrinating power of social media, the group coined their name from the act of staring longingly at other people’s lifestyles and belongings, or being thirsty eyed. 

This motif of questioning the world is carried into the debut album, characterising “Storm and stress, decency and humility”. With its title derived from the Cannes Film Festival category Un Certain Regard, which is prized to filmmakers whose work is unusual and not easily categorised, Thirsty Eyes set the tone of their debut album in three simple words. 

Following on from the anarchic disposition of previous singles 838, Slothchild, Touch The Weather and Chickenbeat (which all feature on the coming album), A Certain Regard is boisterous and charismatic, serving no-one’s standards but their own.

When Thirsty Eyes began the venture of recording their debut LP, it could not have been foretold that it would take the time that it did, no less than seven drummers and at least six studios, before settling to create their magnum opus in their very own cellar studio in Vienna. 

A collection of songs written by Samuel Ebner, and co-written and produced by fellow band member Philipp Moosbrugger, all in-house the band was able to enjoy the luxury of independence creating their debut record.

Each track sits comfortably within its own niche and encompasses a wide array of musical influences along the way, with Chickenbeat a reference to garage rock vets The Monks, Pop Sent originally composed for a 17-piece jazz orchestra and spinetingingly ominous focus track Alaska a tribute to jazz gods Stan Getz and Benny Golson. 

Amidst the rich and wily capital of swaggering riffs, steel guitars and low-strung vocals, Thirsty Eyes’ debut is inoculated with hard-hitting themes such as homelessness (Honolulu Homicide), chauvinistic fathers (In Viagra), questioning your childhood values (838) and loving someone with Asperger’s (Sweet Marian). Despite these small keyhole insights of the thoughtful lyricism of Thirsty Eyes, they want the album to be as much the audience’s as their own: 

We see this title as a sort of canvas, it speaks for itself, and the viewer is invited to use his/her own imagination. We do not wish to interfere with this process by stressing it with further explanations.”

 In A Certain Regard, we meet a band that toes the line between genius and insane, matching the frenzied antics of Thee Oh Sees with off-kilter eccentricities of Black Lips and Fat White Family. Titillating in every sense of the word, the new full-length is a freight train of explosive riffs and unbridled synergy. 

Thirsty Eyes are on a mission and blessed with the rare ability to convert your average Polka audience into batshit lunatics.  

"The sound is drone, which is a bit reminiscent of the SWANS,
it's loud and lifts you easily to the 17th floor of your enthusiasm tower."


"...its primitiveness (as in: rawk 'n' roll) it directly ignites the neurons
in the fun centers of the brains of truly all ages." 





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  To be released 25th March 2022 via Haldern Pop Recordings 

Pop Sent 
Touch The Weather
Sweet Marian&
In Viagra
Honolulu Homicide
Pop Sent (Yamaha)
Lonely Gold
Give Your Love To Be Free

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