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Tim Gerard • Savannah


Tim Gerard • Savannah

Tim is a very exciting artist who combines his music with art and is fast rising on the Americana & Blues scene. His story regarding his art is fascinating and worth an interview should you be inclined.

Damned if I do, damned if I don’t, you left me hanging at the end of the rope

Savannah is melancholic song about heartbreak - Written in the fictitious world of a wanted cowboy on the run- Metaphorically It’s a song written about signing up to a love that eventually leaves a bullet in ones heart - due to the pursuit of your desires and dreams and the other person not wanting to ride life along with you.

It was my reflection and understanding of a passionate relationship, seeing the mistakes from both sides, post breakup, knowing that sometimes we love the ones that aren’t good for us, accepting that love-paths in life sometimes only intersect (T. Gerard) For Gerard it’s a cinematic song musically and lyrically - blood on a page, and one written and performed from the heart, and takes you both on a lyrical and musical journey. Written together with author Gordon Torr (Kill Yourself & Count to Ten) and Taylor Torr

The song is produced by Archie Sylvester from (Ferris & Sylvester). Together Archie and Tim created sonic layers compared to the sounds of artists such as Blake Mills and George Harrison - using all live instrumentation. The song was recorded without a click, to capture the live performance and rawness of the song. It was Archie’s idea to use the techniques of recording to tape - limiting the song to 16 tracks.

By setting limits to recording instruments and parts, gives the song it’s live feel and captures the performance rather than forcing anything. The drums were performed by Ross Gordon, and Issy Ferris (Ferris & Sylvester) sang the main backing vocals.

The artwork was painted by Tim Gerard himself - The roses symbolise the second verse lyric of the girls tattoo on her back ‘Stone rose on her back’. The revolver symbolises the lyric - Guess I missed your revolver, blue eyes like steel”.

The artwork was painted in watercolours/watercolour pencils and will be on display at from the 7th till 16th April at a gallery in London called Artdog for more information check out www.timgerard.com/art 



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