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Charli • The Time Left : Little Love


Charli • The Time Left : Little Love
When I was in France, everybody called me Charly Gee. I was this singer-songwriter, super creative and powerful who is hiding by collaborating with different persons ( 96 records, The ware, Jule Aston as Anoï, Feard and so much more...). After fighting with myself to understand who I was, I realized that my dreams were somewhere else: In LA.
It's a new beginning, a new adventure, a new chapter, and a new name. Music helped me to be the woman I am now. Doing music and writing what I feel, and also writing what I want to be, helped me to overcome all the difficulties. I want to help others to feel as powerful and happy as I am now. Never forget that you deserve to be happy!
So here I am: My name is Charli, I'm an Indie pop artist based in Los Angeles. As an artist, I love to play with the 60s and the 80s to do my own sound.
Music helps me to express myself on many levels. It's a puzzle between my emotions, the music, and the words, if you're good enough and if you know what you want to express it's magical! I was raised with the music of Anastacia, Alicia Keys, Michael Jackson, Nina Simone, and Destiny's child. I admire them a lot and I am inspired by them a lot too.


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