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Dan Potter Sings ~ Not

  From CANADA 

Dan Potter Sings ~ Not

Dan Potter Sings has released another track off his upcoming new record filled with complex guitar work and thought provoking lyrics.  This industrial tinged alternative rocker is built to rattle the cage of mediocrity that has ensnared the rock genre for many years.  Right from the very beginning rock music was meant to be about….nothing at all, just great rhythms and an interesting choice in words. 
This new song puts together some feelings I detect in the world today. Making music out of contemporary circumstances is the focus of my art and ‘Not’ was composed to pull at those subconscious thought strings. It was also written just to bash out some cool guitar riffs and sinister beats because at the end of the day that’s really all that matters isn’t it?”

-Dan Potter

Not is the second song to be released off the brand new album Again?!’ after the premiere of the anthem of our timeTo the Beat of a Civil War’.

Dan Potter Sings is the alias of multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Dan Potter.  His songs broadcast a wide spectrum of influences producing genre-defying songs in the process.  Dan, who is based in Vancouver, BC Canada, is a ‘one man band’ and has turned his bedroom studio into a song factory, churning out tracks like some candy machine dispensing loud alternative rock music. 

All three of his albums and singles released since 2013 were written and performed by him alone as an experiment in free expression.  What was captured is steeped in individualism and personal circumstance; his lack of conformity has subsequently led to a sizable aesthetic variety of pop/rock music that continues to fascinate audiences into 2021.



‘Not’ is an electro rock dance song
with wild shifting energies!

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