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💿 Outwave - The Storm

WORLD I The indie pop rock band Outwave has announced they will release their debut album 'The Storm' via Seahorse Recordings, which involves a collaboration with American vocalist and songwriter Durga McBroom (Pink Floyd, Billy Idol, Steve Hackett) on two of the featured tracks.

Ahead of this, they preview the hard-hitting lead single 'Moving Tangle', along with dynamic video created by Andrea Bodo. Capturing the synergy of live performance, the band recorded their 10-track debut LP at 2 Recording Studio.

Outwave - Moving Tangle [Official Video]

This debut Outwave album highlights their style with music ranging from loud in-your-face rock to Floydian atmospheres, with special consideration of classic Brit pop and rock stylings.

Formed in early 2015 in the Italian city of Padua, Outwave is a quartet of music mavericks comprised of Luca Ceccato (vocals and guitar) Leonardo De Sisti (bass guitar), Giovanni Masiero (drums) and Alessandro Andrian (guitar), the latter joining the band in mid-2015.

After performing in various local bands, the four members set on a new adventure, exploring a new pop/rock trajectory of their own original music. In autumn of 2015, the band wrote their first singles and started to play live in local pubs and soon after, recorded a 3-song EP that would sow the seeds for their debut full-length offering.

© Photo by Marco Lorenzato

With the vibe of a concept album, the storyline here develops progressively through these tracks, telling the tale of the antagonist's inner journey. Through several transitions metaphorically associated with natural phenomena and sonic scenery, he will be deeply marked and forever changed by this tempest, leading him to a greater conception of life and helping him realize for how long he had been blinded by the haze of frivolity.

The listener can float through a fleeting route and roam through the events and feelings of the protagonist during this trip, experiencing the cusp of daylight, with its liveliness and positiveness, and the ethereal mysteriousness of nocturnal obscurity.

'Moving Tangle' is available across digital stores as Apple Music and online platforms such as Spotify. The full album 'The Storm' will be released on September 18.


"Both melodic and riff heavy, some strong punchy moments here make for an enjoyable listen and whets the appetite to see what else their debut long-play has to offer" – The Big Takeover Magazine


Moving Tangle
Seahorse Recordings
18 September 2020

Luca Ceccato – Lead vocal and Guitar
Alessandro Andrian – Guitar
Leonardo De Sisti – Bass Guitar
Giovanni Masiero – Drums

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