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No Native - #WGMI

WORLD I Russian artist now based in London, No Native brings his new single ‘#WGMI’ (We’re Gonna Make It). This electropop track is influenced by the sounds of Yungblud, Justin Bieber and Linkin Park and is an instant hit with its anthemic footstopming chorus and synth heavy bass line. 
This track is about perseverance and was inspired after Toly saw Lily Rice backflipping in her wheelchair on TV, showcasing her skills in WCMX. Teaming up with Lily, the pair have collaborated to film the music video with an aim to raise awareness of the growing sport, but also to inspire others to persevere with their dreams and aspirations and to overcome adversity. 
Lily Rice is definitely in my list of awesome human beings. A beautiful soul with a huge heart and inner kernel so strong. We both worked hard into the late hours to create this, and to me this is one of, if not the most important songs I’ve written.” - No Native 
No Native’s Toly has always been a fighter, after moving to the UK as a child with not a word of English, he remembers having to overcome many obstacles in his first year here. It was this fighting spirit that first drew Toly towards music. 
Music is the only thing in the world that cannot be conquered or truly mastered. It’s an infinite quest and that is what keeps me curious” - 
No Native 
having recently being snapped up by legendary pop manager Denis Ingoldsby, Toly was soon introduced to ‘What's Your Flava?’ writer & producer Anthony Marshall who’s pedigree helped firmly establish The Honeyz, Mis-Teeq and Craig David as household names  in the 90s. ‘#WGMI’ is the first single to come from No Native, but his future certainly looks bright.
RELEASE DATE: 20th November

Find out more about Lily Rice & WCMX here

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