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The Silverbeets - Halcyon Days

WORLD I Australian indie art rockers The Silverbeets present their new 'Halcyon Days' album, the band's third multi-track release. This follows up the tongue-in-cheek single 'Girlfriend' and the topical 'We Mattered Once Upon a Time'.

Formed in 2014, The Silverbeets are Farnz Cordeaux (rhythm guitar, vocals), Jamie Scott (lead guitar, vocals), Nigel Hope (bass) and Bill O’Brien (drums). Their sound is also heavily influenced by their “5th member”, producer and multi-instrumentalist Ernie Oppenheimer.

The Silverbeets - We Mattered Once Upon a Time

The Silverbeets hail from Hobart, Tasmania - the small Australian island state at the bottom of the world. This relative isolation has led the band to craft an idiosyncratic sound that borrows from luminary rock acts like Pink Floyd, The Byrds, David Bowie, Radiohead, The Pixies, Queen, Fleet Foxes, Simon & Garfunkel, Nick Cave and Neil Young, among others.

With a rich dark green sound interspersed with multi-coloured stems, their non-formulaic style is distinct. Like their forthcoming 8-track full-length album, this single evoke the spirit of artists such as Can, They Might be Giants and XTC.

On 'Halcyon Days', the band pushed themselves to show a range of human emotions and incorporate different musical styles while doing so. Recorded at Bad Radio Studios and Urban Fringe Compound over the past year, all songs were mixed and mastered by Ernie O at Urban Fringe Compound.

© Photo by Craig Opie

In 2016, The Silverbeets debuted their 'Purple Stems' EP, rated among the year's best releases by NBTMusicRadio. The band followed with a ripper cover of Simon & Garfunkel’s 'We’ve Got a Groovy Thing Goin’ (2016) and their 'Stay Tuned' LP in 2018, an epic homage to the concept album (also rated the year's 16th best album by NBTMusicRadio). In January 2020, they released 'I've Got to Get Away (on an Hawaiian Holiday)', a polemic tune on the lack of government leadership in handling the fires in Australia.

As of November 13, the 'Halcyon Days' album will be released on CD and will be available for streaming on platforms such as Spotify, as well as at online stores such as Apple Music and Bandcamp.

"The band presents their best, ripe-for-the-picking output. Here they find themselves in lush territory occupied by other notable artists such as XTC, The Judybats, The Lightning Seeds, and They Might be Giants, among others. This is fresh and sounds fantastic – really upbeat, positive, and the cloth more music should be cut from"  Big Takeover Magazine

"This music is fun and upbeat, with strong and endearing vocals, solid production and change-ups that keep things interesting. This clever and capable indie band from down under deserves to be on top with this one"  The Spill Magazine

The Silverbeets
Halcyon Days
13 November 2020

Farnz Cordeaux - rhythm guitar, vocals, keys
Nigel Hope - bass
Ernie Oppenheimer - keys, synth
Konrad Park - drums
Kevin Barker - trombone
Recorded at Bad Radio Studios and Urban Fringe Compound
Produced by Ernie Oppenheimer
Front and back cover artwork photos by Micah Kleinert
Photos by Craig Opie
The Silverbeets video footage shot by Craig Opie & Micah Kleinert
Video directed by Adamor Ziltch

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by  Craig Opie
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