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Beauty in Chaos • The Delicate Balance of All Things (Rapid Reituration Mix) ft. Cinthya Hussey


Beauty in Chaos • The Delicate Balance of All Things (Rapid Reituration Mix) ft. Cinthya Hussey

Beauty in Chaos presents ‘The Delicate Balance Of All Things’ (Rapid Reiteration Mix)' ft. Cinthya Hussey, whose beautiful painting also graces the album cover. Her gorgeous rendition of The Delicate Balance Of All Things’ is the fourth video-single from their new album ‘Out Of Chaos Comes…’, released via Los Angeles' 33.3 Music Collective.

This is the fourth single from this album, following up a smashing video for ‘Stranger (Holy Wars - Cruel World Mix)featuring Kat Leon (of Holy Wars).

The original version of this song, penned by BIC curator Michael Ciravolo and The Mission’s Wayne Hussey, appears on The Storm Before The Calm album. Along with BIC producer Michael Rozon, Ciravolo set out to strip down the ominous tone of the original especially for this remix release.  After hearing Wayne’s wife Cinthya’s rendition of The Smiths ‘Everyday Is Like Sunday’, the idea emerged for her to sing this new version along with Wayne.

This remix was created by legendary producer Tim Palmer (David Bowie, The Mission, U2, The Cure).  BIC main-man, Michael Ciravolo says “Tim has always been one of my favorite producers … and one of the silver-linings of this lockdown is that he has time to do this and two other remixes for our new album”.  Far from being a typical band, with its revolving/evolving lineup, videos are the truly the ‘face’ of BIC.  Ciravolo’s goal is to make each visually different from its predecessor and this new video certainly checks that box!  

When we returned the track, the delicate balance of all things, to Michael with Cinthya’s newly-completed vocals, Michael’s reaction was to declare he loved it and that we had to shoot a video for this version, remixed by the redoubtable Tim Palmer," said Wayne Hussey.

© Photo by Nico Serrano

"With the option of travelling to LA to shoot out of the question due to current Covid-19 restrictions, Cinthya, being in the trade somewhat, contacted a few of her colleagues to ascertain who exactly might be interested in helping us shoot a video in Sao Paulo. Enter the Antipodean Mark Bromilow. Mark and Cinthya had previously acted together on a Kit-Kat advert and had remained friends. The many credits to his name include time spent as artistic director for Cirque De Soleil, where he met the Brazilian Natalia Presser, the featured aerial artist in this video. Locations were scouted, Cinthya having the idea of filming in an old theatre or abandoned warehouse - somewhere strange - while Mark came up with the idea of filming in a currently-closed-down-due-to-Covid circus in Sao Paulo. So the Big Top it was. Using David Lynch as inspiration, we aimed for the video to evoke something otherworldly and magical. So, how did we do?

The full 27-track collection of the 'Out Of Chaos Comes...' LP (available on CD) is deep and diverse and comes with a few surprises, including Ashton Nyte’s gorgeous acoustic version of ‘The Outside’, and an acoustic/mellotron drenched ‘Memory Of Love’ from Human Drama’s Johnny Indovina.  There are also some new and fantastic guitar moments from Simon Hinkler (The Mission), Richard Fortus (Guns N' Roses), Mark Gemini Thwaite (Peter Murphy. The Wonder Stuff) and Nick Johnston.

Out Of Chaos Comes… is now available on vinyl (8 tracks), CD (14 tracks) and digitally (27 tracks). The full digital version is included with an LP / CD purchase. Limited-edition colored vinyl also includes an exclusive cover-art poster, signed by the many of the artists involved. It can be ordered in its various formats at www.beautyinchaosmusic.com/music-store

Cinthya Hussey - vocals
Wayne Hussey - background vocals
Michael Ciravolo - guitars, textures and percussion
Michael Rozon - synth and percussion
Mike Mallory - bass
Nick Johnston - outro guitar solo
Tim Palmer - synth, drum programming, guitars and co-production
Additional recording and production by Michael Rozon and Wayne Hussey
Written by Wayne Hussey and Michael Ciravolo

Cinthya Hussey - the beauty
Wayne Hussey - the beast
Natalia Presser - aerialist
Video concept by Mark Bromilow, Cinthya Hussey and Wayne Hussey
Produced by Cia do Polvo
Directed by Mark Bromilow
Assistant director: Natalia Presser
Photography: Nico Serrano
Camera assistant: Fabrício Cezario
Production assistant: Patricia Rizzi
Make up by Marcio Merighi
Edited by Cinthya Hussey
Filmed on location in Sao Paulo, Brazil

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Photo by Nico Serrano
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