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STORM SEEKER • Guns Don’t Cry


Nautical folk metallers Storm Seeker present their new album 'Guns Don’t Cry' via NoCut Entertainment, in addition to unveiling both a lyrics video and official video featuring Mr. Hurley & Die Pulveraffen for their latest single 'Deathwatch Beetle Party'.

Over the past week, the Düsseldorf pirates have seen a real boom via TikTok, where the sea shanty 'Wellerman' has inspired millions. Apparently this 19th-century sailor's song speaks to many in pandemic times. Storm Seeker's 'Sea Shanty Folk Version' has generated over 382,000 views on TikTok and briefly featured on NBC news regarding the revival of sea shanties.

Musical adventureres can expect the full explosion of nautical chants with a vintage sailor look and a new approach to their trademark folk metal sound. With their nautical theme, they serve up a rough and crushing soundscape that is entangled with the sweetness of jumpy folk melodies involving the hurdy gurdy, nyckelharpa, cello and recorder.

"Guns Don't Cry' is our third studio album, where every song is carefully selected and crafted with a passion for detail that lies in the small melodies and instrumental parts. Between the music and these lyrics, we take you on a joyful adventure through the winds and waves of the seven seas," says Stom Seeker frontman Timothy Abor.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by co-producer Marius 'Olaf‘ Bornfleth, this album includes 11 stellar tracks that will take you on a voyage to abandoned shores through winds and storms. Epic battles and mysterious creatures await you, featuring terrific Nyckelharpa and Hurdy Gurdy Solos, fiddley Accordion parts, crushing guitars and thunderous drums.

© Photo by Franz Schepers

This time around, frontman Timothy Abor’s rough sailor voice finds accompaniment by some surprising guest vocals as Seeb of Orden Ogan, Mr. Hurley (Mr. Hurley und die Pulveraffen) and Teufel (Tanzwut) lend their epic voices to tell some nautical tales bound to give you crawly goosebumps and crazy neck pain!

Storm Seeker's 2016 debut 'Pirate Scum' EP was followed by steady European gigs amd major festivals. The debut album 'Beneath in the Cold' LP (May 2019), amped things up, bringing them a roaring year, touring with Haggefugg and Vogelfrey and their spring 2020 signing with NoCut Entertainment. Then, despite closed ports all over the world, they faced the storm together, playing shows with MONO INC. all over Germany.

The journey of the small Storm Seeker ship, with its five-member crew, has led them from small harbours, with their unique mix of classic metal ensemble and melodic traditional instruments, to chart completely unknown waters in Germany and Europe.

On January 29, 'Guns Don't Cry' will be released digitally worldwide, as well as physically in Europe. The North American physical release is set for March 19. There is a vinyl edition plus a 6-sided Digipak available, in addition to a limited fan-box containing the album, a high quality embroidered handkerchief, a lovely band-poster and signed autograph card! Orders can be placed at https://nocut.shop/Guns-dont-cry

“Rousing and tuneful to get your adrenaline pumping and wind you up in full swing… the band have a larger-than-life appeal” ~ Big Takeover Magazine

Heroic chants, catchy melodies and versatile instrumentation… Explicitly recommended for headbanging pirates“ ~ Sonic Seducer

“Storm Seeker are most certainly a band that has found their sound, and their look, with a quasi merchant-mix of pirate, panache, metal, and mayhem in a melting pot big enough to swallow the seas… works brilliantly, because its earnest” ~ Jammerzine

“Listen! Have fun! Dance! Drink!“ ~ Silence Magazin


Storm Seeker
Guns Don't Cry
NoCut Entertainment
29 January 2021

Self-produced by Storm Seeker
Marius 'Olaf‘ Bornfleth - production, recording, mixing, mastering
Timothy Abor - lead vocals, bass
Olaf Abor - guitars, vocals
Sandy McGnomsen - cello, nyckelharpa, vocals
Fabi - hurdy gurdy, recorder, vocals
Ughar der schrecklich Durstige - keyboards

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