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Flora Cash • Don’t You Look At Me That Way


Flora Cash • Don’t You Look At Me That Way

Soundcloud sweethearts Flora Cash are back to deliver a new, melancholic and stripped offering called ‘Don’t You Look At Me That Way.’ As put by Earmilk, Flora Cash are frontiers of a new movement in pop that is centred on unadulterated emotion. Following on from previous single ‘Soul Mate’, it’s needless to say their latest track will be one that gets you right in the feelings.

Written from the point of view of someone experiencing a psycho-spiritual crisis, the single is filled with nostalgia and reflection, describing the individual’s fears, insecurities and the need to be seen by her partner as she is, not as he wants her to be. Finding comfort only in her memories with the person she loves most in the world, her soul yearns to rekindle the unbreakable and non-judgmental bond that transcends all fear, pain and doubt.

The instrumentation gives wings to the track’s meaning. Led by soft acoustic guitar accompanied by dreamy injections of piano and lingering backing vocals, the arrangement gradually grows throughout, becoming an increasingly cathartic opus. Teamed up with Shpresa’s distinguished and haunting vocal, the lyrics exude fragility whilst plunging the listener into new depths of emotion; raw, naked and imperfect.

Speaking of the new single, Flora Cash commented:

Don’t Look At Me That Way’ is written from the point of view of someone experiencing a psycho-spiritual crisis; a dark night of the soul. The only comfort she finds is in the memories she shares with the person sitting across from her; the person she loves most of all in the world. And she’s asking this person to really look at her; not a projection of what that person wants her to be, but the real Her. She doesn’t want to be saved, only seen.”

‘Don’t You Look At Me That Way’ calls for honesty, communication and acceptance of one another. The track will be released on 11th June 2021 via Flower Money Records.

“Shines like a light in the darkness”


“A sound that’s equal parts earthy and ethereal…”


“Bitingly bittersweet…crystalline guitar and spine-tingling melodies give voice to that feeling of emptiness that’s recently become all-too-familiar.”


“Flora Cash is on the front lines of modern musicians redefining alt-pop by injecting their music with heartfelt conviction.”



Platinum certified duo Flora Cash deliver

unadulterated emotion in new acoustic-pop single


Release Date – 11th June 2021 via Flower Money Records  


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DIFFUSION June, 16, 2021

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