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Paul Callan ♫ Hold on


Paul Callan ♫ Hold on
And so it is June and time for my sixth single release this year.
"Hold on" brings on the beats! This song is definitely one to get you moving and one to be played LOUD!
"Hold on" is a reminder to stay the course, to stick with it no matter what is happening.

The times being what they are brings the more troublesome aspects of life more into focus and  this song is just a reminder to anyone and everyone to keep going, you will get there! And what harm is it if you find yourself shaking your head or bopping along on the way!
This year I will release one song per month.  All songs are produced by myself  in (or around) my one room cabin buried deep in the woods of Irelands north east as I make my way through this year long musical project. This will then be compiled, along with some other songs, into an album  which will be released when the year is over.
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