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Tim Rose & DDidThat ► FLOW STATE


Tim Rose & DDidThat ► FLOW STATE

Tim Rose and producer D Did That (Darien Newton) and have been on a Lofi Hip Hop road trip— making beats in Tim’s van recording studio “Vanna White.” The final destination is unknown — pit stops along the way include Paisley Park, Dilla’s Basement, the Hard Hitting Drum Factory, John Mayer’s ranch in Wyoming, and possibly some pit stops for pizza from Delicious Vinyl. Good beats for the road — wherever it may lead!

Tim Rose is a funk/soul songwriter from Honolulu, Hawaii, he has ‘Soulful’, ‘Funky’, and ‘Smooth’ regularly equated with his music. His voice is a rough blue silk— his guitar playing a deep funk pocket. His 2018 release <3 was created after years of sacrifice and soul searching deep in the funk jungles of Hawaii. The visual album counterpart to this music was funded by his fans to the tune of $30,000 on Kickstarter.

Before the Pandemic he was performing full time; touring regularly and playing shows all over the world. Today has a combined social media following of 15,000 and over 500,000 views on YouTube. His latest music video “Visuam Albumwas released in 2020. He’s opened for Allen Stone, and headlines successful club shows in Hawaii (Blue Note), Los Angeles (Hotel Cafe), Seattle (Triple Door), Portland (Fremont Theatre), San Francisco (Boom Boom Room), as well as performed at NAMM show 4 years running, and finally as a featured performer on Sofar Sounds. He is endorsed by Roland, QSC, Earthworks Audio, Reunion Blues, and Pig Hog Cables.

Darien Newton is a multi-instrumentalist and music producer living in Los Angeles. Over his three-year career, he has made waves in LA’s local R&B scene, producing singles for some of LA’s most promising singer-songwriters. As a product of the church, he has drawn inspiration from the gospel greats: Fred Hammond, Kirk Franklin, and Israel Houghton. Through their use of lush R&B chords and funky gospel grooves, he has developed a sound reminiscent of classic “feel good” gospel while mixing the hypnotic feel of Neptunes-inspired R&B. His love for gospel has opened doors for him musically -- playing drums for Gospel chart-topper Vashawn Mitchelland International recording artist Sunny Badu.

In 2018, he left his comfortable musician lifestyle in Oahu, Hawaii, to pursue a full-time music production career in Los Angeles. He released his own 5-track EP titled Q Tapes Vol. 1”, co-produced a song for Virginia-legend Mad Skillz, and produced the latest single Truth isfor Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart’s winner, Christopher Watson. As a self-taught drummer and pianist, he has earned his keep in the live music scene, playing drums for the likes of rapper Too Short’s signee Mercy Collazo and opening for G-Funk pioneer, DJ BattleCat. 

2021 has seen Darien explore new roles, taking on the position of Lead Producer for the online children’s showBoogie’s Library. There, he provides the show’s music, along with setting the show’s creative tone. His exposure in the LA production scene has garnered attention from Interscope-signees 333 Rockstars. Darien worked with the group’s artist 333 Versaceand has even produced a song for him.  

Want to check out their socials? 

Tim Rose Website • Tim Rose YouTube • Tim Rose IG 
Tim Rose FB • Tim Rose Twitter

DDidThat IG • DDidThat Twitter

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