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Natalie Claro ► When Alcohol Tastes like Juice


Natalie Claro ► When Alcohol Tastes like Juice

Natalie Claro is an alternative pop/rock/R&B artist based in Nashville, TN. She is the sole writer, producer and instrumentalist of all her music, taking complete creative control of everything she does. With a strong sound and style, Claro draws on a mix of eclectic influences from a wide range of genres - everything from Aretha Franklin, Billy Joel and Lady Gaga, to Hozier and Frank Ocean

Her latest single When Alcohol Tastes Like Juiceis a coming-of-age metaphor on the notion that when a cocktail is so sugary, you can hardly taste the alcohol. You may lose sight of reality and get more intoxicated than you planned. However, the consequences come later. When you spend an entire week on distractions instead of working on achievements, it can leave you so guilty that it truly feels like a hangover.

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Claro created WATLJ over the entirety of the 2020 Covid pandemic, Many people were in a nihilistic state, worrying creation was useless. We had no clue what to expect of the future. I realized I had spent the past few months partying each day since it brought a much quicker form of gratification than my long-term goals, and now I had no game plan.” The single narrates the need for balance, choosing priorities, and not giving in to that instant gratification without acknowledging the long-term effects. I want to use this song to remind young people not to lose themselves in the process of making themselves. Finding joy is being grateful for the journey.”

The pop/rock tune enters with a minimal soundscape, allowing an emphasis on the lyrics and shining light on the powerful message behind the music. The track moves into a boom of howling guitar riffs and crashing drums before dropping back into a more chilled-out atmosphere, filled with godly harmonies. The ups and downs of the dynamics reiterate the sharp rise and fall of those temporary spikes of fun, ending in an abrupt, striking ending. 

Known for her vibrant and energetic live performances, Claro adorns the stage with cartwheels, costume changes, mosh pits, drum solos, and more, creating a theatrical experience that audiences won’t forget. Claro has toured/shared the stage with acts like Plain White T's, Halfnoise, Public, Hunny, Hawthorne Heights, and Grizfolk and performed at events such as Hollister’s High School Nation Tour 2019, SXSW, Sofar Sounds LA, Sony's Balcony TV.



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