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'Easy Listening for Jerks' - The Dead South announce new Tour


'Easy Listening for Jerks' - The Dead South announce new Tour

The Dead South share a string-laced take on “Will The Circle Be Unbroken,” with banjo and mandolin twined around sparse cello and forlorn baritone vocals.

The new cover is found on Easy Listening for Jerks Part 1, half of a forthcoming double EP set that travels from nitty gritty Nashville to west coast weird and back again, putting The Dead South’s renegade acoustic approach to classics of two very different sorts.

The Dead South have previewed the forthcoming companion project with material from both EPs, including “People Are Strange” complete with banjo-UFO earthling abduction video, and the stark and desperate rendition of “You Are My Sunshine.

The Dead South continue to roll out Served Cold tour dates, with a new spring run produced by Live Nation on sale today at TheDeadSouth.com/Tour


Easy Listening for Jerks, Parts I & II will be released 📌 March 4, 2022.

Easy Listening for Jerks Part I Track Listing: 

1.     Keep On The Sunny Side

2.     Pallet On The Floor

3.     Will The Circle Be Unbroken

4.     Flint Hill Special

5.     You Are My Sunshine

6.     Matterhorn


Easy Listening for Jerks Part II Track Listing:

1.     Yahoos and Triangles (Intro)

2.     People Are Strange

3.     Chop Suey

4.     We Used To Vacation

5.     Help Me Scrape The Mucus Off My Brain

6.     Saturday Night

7.     96 Quite Bitter Beings


By and By: Listen to The Dead South’s take on

“Will The Circle Be Unbroken” from

 Easy Listening for Jerks, Part 1


LISTEN to the new single HERE! 

Double EP, out 📌 Mar 4, contrasts traditional bluegrass and rock covers

Served Cold Tour Expands with May 2022 dates on sale now at TheDeadSouth.com/Tour

 Previous singles “People Are Strange” (The Doors) HERE!

and “You Are My Sunshine” stream HERE!

About The Dead South

With banjo, mandolin, cello and guitar, The Dead South certainly look the part of bluegrass traditionalists. But, as outsiders to the bluegrass world by circumstances of geography, they’re from the Canadian prairies, and by influences, equal parts finger-picking and punk, there are few comparisons to be made for the four-piece acoustic band. With a global following sparked by YouTube, early success in German rock clubs and now, sold out shows at iconic venues in many continents, this is no country for old-time string purists

A brotherhood first and foremost, formed in university and forged on the road, The Dead South are quite comfortable in their role as a total anomaly most everywhere they go. Their progressive, tightly-constructed approach to acoustic music that favours intricate solos and harmonies has brought two JUNO Awards for Traditional Album of the Year, the most recent for the Muscle Shoals-made Sugar & Joy (2019). The Dead South followed up in 2020 with Served Live, a double live album that celebrated and supported the live music industry in a time of crisis.

With their newly-announced double EPs Easy Listening for Jerks, Parts I & II, The Dead South find their own balance between their punk origins and the bluegrass world of their sound. A strong statement about identity, influence and inspiration, the new EPs show a band stepping out into new musical territory while also staying true to themselves.  


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