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100 mile house ~ Always On My Mind


100 mile house ~ Always On My Mind

There's a poignant double meaning behind the new contemporary folk album, Love and Leave You by the Edmonton, Canada based duo, 100 mile house.  “Always on My Mind” a bonus track on the digital deluxe version rounds out the album, with melodic strings and soothing piano, putting to rest any doubts behind the feelings and intents some of the rawer songs may have brought to the surface (eg. Losing You). Their interpretation of the Willie Nelson/Pet Shop Boys classic reveals an intentioned resiliency to the couple’s success. 

Denise explains, "Our writing has evolved from songs about Peter moving to Canada from England and the two of us meeting each other, to songs about the struggles of starting a family, the loss of loved ones and how the visions you had for your life inevitably change. We believe our songs have grown in the same way our relationship has as we've matured."

From a sonic perspective, Peter adds, "For Love and Leave You, we decided to strip everything back, and even though there's a fair bit of instrumentation on it, I'd say it's our most bare bones recording to date. I wanted to take this approach to give the album its own character, but also to force the songwriting and lyrics to the forefront."

Love and Leave You (deluxe), 100 mile house's fifth studio album, will be released digitally through Fallen Tree Records in the UK on 📌 25th of March 2022.

Always On My Mind” will drop on streaming services ahead of the album, on 📌 11th of March.

“Beautiful harmonies highlight these story songs. A truly honest and intimate snapshot in song.”

Penguin Eggs

“An inviting warmth that makes you feel as if you’re sitting in front of 100 Mile House’s hearth while they play music for you… This is a family that can and will endure any storm.”

Canadian Beats


Folk duo 100 mile house release tranquil take on
“Always On My Mind ” off the upcoming deluxe album,
“Love And Leave You”


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