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Viktrs & Roisin O’Hagan's • Sunset Valley


Viktrs & Roisin O’Hagan's • Sunset Valley

Viktrs are reminaging music videos. Bringing significant revenue stream to a seemingly undervalued digital asset, Viktrs have created something that puts the artist first and allows them to monetise their music videos, as well as drive major engagement. By giving audiences a richer video viewing experience, they provide artists with the opportunity to create new revenue streams, partnership opportunities, and to generate ethical insights. 

Their technology unlocks the dormant value of video through a discoverable, shoppable and explorable embed, solving audience curiosity seamlessly and instantaneously. The Viktrs interface contains 4 tabs for audience exploration: Products, People, Gigs & Music, and Inspirations, offering audiences a wealth of in-video content to interact and engage with. First, audiences are able to seamlessly discover and shop any products, services or locations that the artist has tagged in the video, from sneakers to hotels. Through brand connections and affiliate networks, artists can generate a new revenue stream.

Audiences can also discover and connect to the people involved in the creation of the video, with a direct link to their preferred social media platform, showcasing the wider community that were integral in bringing the music video vision to life and giving ‘credit where credit is due’. Artists are also able to share the inspirations behind the video and the song in the Inspirations tab, drawing attention to a charity or social causes that they want to support with their fans, providing genuine and lasting impact away from the video itself. Viktrs also provides links to the artist’s streaming profiles and tickets for upcoming shows, so that audiences can easily purchase and continue to support their favourite artists. 

Viktrs latest release is with Americana pop/rock singer-songwriter, Roisin O’Hagan and her video “Sunset Valley”. Inspired by the driven, pop/rock sounds of Counting Crows and the romantic lyricism of Bruce Springsteen and Taylor Swift, the track illustrates the nostalgic picture of a love from the past that feels like unfinished business, with O’Hagan sharing, Sunset Valley and its characters are fictional but they tell a story I feel everyone can relate to; that first time you fall in love. Life moves on from your first heartbreak. People grow, move away from their hometown, chase dreams and meet new horizons. Yet, thinking back to the first time, can still bring you to that time, place and all its passion.” 

“Sunset Valley” speaks of someone who hangs on to what they had with their first love in times gone by. The protagonist wonders where that person is now, whether they achieved their goals and whether they have found someone else. Despite being content with her life today, there is a hope and blind faith that the two of them will find each other again. This unfulfilled love will spark anew, as a love that wasn’t over. She holds on to the belief that the best things are going to take time.


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