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Cloud Nothings - The Shadow I Remember


Today, Cloud Nothings returns to announce a new album due February 26th via Carpark Records and shares a new song and video from the forthcoming record. "Am I Something" is the first song from → The Shadow I Remember, which finds the band reunited with producer Steve Albini, who helmed the production for their breakout 2012 album Attack On Memory.
The track is a distillation of the band's signature pulverizing pop-rock sound and revolves around an existential question from singer-songwriter Dylan Baldi: "Does anybody living out there really need me?" It's a fitting first taste of an album that finds Baldi exploring his place in the world as both a human and band a decade into its career.
Cloud Nothings - "Am I Something" (Official Music Video)

Speaking about the video, Baldi says: "I became familiar with Lu Yang's work through her exhibit in Cleveland, Ohio at MOCA Cleveland in 2017. I was really drawn to her approach of tying religion into gender and various gendered bodily functions. The animation style of some of her work is also exactly on my wavelength - like a psychedelic genderless Sims game. Very excited to be able to work with Lu!"

Director Lu Yang adds: "The music video created for Cloud Nothings is a scene from my videogame "The Great Adventure of Material World" which depicts an artistic reality where we are exploring and roaming, in a non-binary way, post-death delusions and the intermediate state of Bardo. Bardo has a particularly special meaning in Buddhism as the connecting point and intermediate state between life and death, past and future lives, waking and sleep, and the space in-between."
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News of the forthcoming album coincides with the band preparing to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of their debut album → Turning On. Recorded by Baldi on a computer in his parents' basement, Turning On is an essential album to fully understand the world of Cloud Nothings. Including live staples like "Hey Cool Kid" and "Can't Stay Awake," Turning On will be reissued with its original tracklist on January 29th by Carpark Records.

Listen to and watch "Am I Something" above, see The Shadow I Remember album details and tracklisting below, and stay tuned for more from Cloud Nothings by following the band on social media.
The Shadow I Remember cover art
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Cloud Nothings
The Shadow I Remember
Carpark Records
February 26, 2021
1. Oslo
2. Nothing Without You
3. The Spirit Of
4. Only Light
5. Nara
6. Open Rain
7. Sound Of Alarm
8. Am I Something
9. It's Love
10. A Longer Moon
11. The Room It Was
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